Fishes Name Badges

I am not good at memorizing names of fishes at home so I suggested to my brother, one time, to have our fishes name badges.

Yes! It may sound weird to put name badges on them, but it’s also a more convenient way to know the pets. And since I loved talking to them, it is good to mention fishes’ names while talking to them. Isn’t it?

However, I don’t know where I could have fishes name badges. Do you have any idea?

Steel Racking Shelves for Aquariums

At home, to organize the aquariums, my brother utilizes wood shelves for the aquariums. However, materials made of wood do not usually last longer than steels especially when weighty stuff are being kept over it like home aquariums. Perhaps the reason why I thought of steel racking shelves for aquariums at home instead.

Racking Shelves for AquariumsSteel Racking Shelves for Aquariums (image from

I have not shared this idea to my brother nor any member of the family yet. But I am pretty sure they would surely love this idea if I’ll show this one to them. What do you think? Smiley

Fishes after Typhoon Pablo

The typhoon Pablo has caused really traumatic experience not only to the family but to our pets especially to our fishes at home. The mini ponds which my brother built to where the fishes can breed, were all damaged and most of the fishes died.

Now, though I haven’t talked to my brother or to any member of the family regarding the pets, I guess, the family needed to start again from the scratch in building the breeding of the fishes at home. Hopefully we could get to recover the pets soon.

Turtles’ Carapaces

It’s just like wiping a hard drive wiping and cleaning the detached turtles’ carapaces I’ve seen in a video shared and posted online. I have personally seen a detached carapace way back college years when we went to a turtle sanctuary in Davao City. But I have not tried myself cleaning and doing work with carapaces.

Anyway, what really are carapaces?

Carapaces are the hard part found at the upper or back part of turtles and tortoises. But theses can also be seen in other animals like arthropods specifically the shrimps, prawns and more. For the above mentioned animals, these carapaces serve as a protective structure for their body and for their head, or brain part.

Zamboanga City frees Olive Ridley Sea Turtle

I have just recently read a news article over the internet that officials and authorities in Zamboanga City freed an Olive Ridley Sea Turtle in Bolong Beach. It is really heart-warming to know that the local government of Zamboanga City initiated this idea to free and get the sea turtle back to its natural habitat for it is where he could live freely.

Olive Ridley Sea TurtleOlive Ridley Sea Turtle (image from

Moreover, here’s a few facts about Olive Ridley Sea Trutle from the National Geographic.

“Olive ridleys get their name from the coloring of their heart-shaped shell, which starts out gray but becomes olive green once the turtles are adults. They have one to two visible claws on each of their paddle-like flippers.”