Aquarium Fish by Kathy Jinkings

I was supposed to look for the book entitled Aquarium Fish by Kathy Jinkings that because of some online interruptions like Facebook chats and other stuff, I ended up having mp3 books online on my browser. I could blame all my pending plans on setting up an aquarium to online fun because they really destructed me and stole my time instead of concentrating on what I need to get done.

Anyways, up until now, I still am lurking for Aquarium Fish book and hoping I could get a copy of this today or maybe tomorrow so I could start reading this before our classes resumes.

Prehistoric Flamingo Nest with Eggs Discovered in Spain

If only I can fly – as in very now, to Spain just to see myself the so-called Prehistoric Flamingo Nest with Eggs that has been reported.

Accordingly, the bird’s nest cradled more than five (5) eggs which scientists believed to be the eggs of ancient flamingo. Isn’t this awesome to think about — that after how many million years, there are still evidences left until today of the existence of those creatures; not just relics but really real ones!

How I wish — how I really just wish to see these discoveries that were found in Ebro Basin in Northeastern Spain. Hmf! This made me more curious of the life of those creatures before.

Deciding for a New Aquarium Set

When I was in Cebu City, I really put up my own aquarium set and of course, a number of different kinds of fishes including flowerhorn fihes. If you could still remember my Ishy, that was she. She was my very first every flowerhorn fish.

Now, that I’ve moved already, I am thinking of having an aquarium again after seeing a lot of aquarium accessories displayed in the mall during my visit there a week ago. It was just an unexpected stop after I dropped by at a store where diamond ring engagement set was sold. The displayed aquarium accessories were sold in a lower price — discounted prices from its original. That was actually the reason why I wanted to set up my aquarium. But I am still hesitant to push through with it or not. I still need more time to think and decide even more.

The Garra Fishes on My Feet

I forgot when was this taken but what is still fresh on my mind is the tickle that these little creatures did to my feet.
Garra Fishes on My Feet

Garra Fishes on My Feet

They did not only relaxed me but amazed me how they pamper me during my 30-minute spa session and date, as I call it, with them.

Hopefully, I can visit them again so soon enough!

Aquarium Briefcases for Men

Lately, if you noticed it, I was featuring different styles and ideas of aquariums. Today, I will be sharing to you here an aquarium which really made M laugh and thought of making one. This is an Aquarium Briefcases for Men.

Aquarium Briefcases for MenAquarium briefcases for men (image from

What can you say about the above aquarium that I have shown? Isn’t this very cool and fashionable to have one at home? I want to have one like this.