‘Brainless’ Fish in Scotland

I was looking for best fishes to rear in the coming new year — 2012, when I stumbled upon a recent study in Scotland on a ‘Brainless’ Fish .

On an article posted in UPI.com, the ‘Brainless’ Fish is a fish-like creature with no face or head or brain after a group of marine researchers found these organisms while having a survey in an area in Scotland.

Click the image above to read more about the ‘Brainless’ Fish in Scotland.

Check this one also, www.cochesya.es.

2012 Lucky Pets/Animals at Home — Flowerhorn Fishes

Flowerhorn fishes are said to be one of the luckiest pets or animals when reared at home. Emoticon

I am planning to have a new sets of flowerhorn fishes in our apartment this coming new year — 2012. Since Ishy died, I did not buy new one, but for now, I guess, it’s already time to have new fishy pets at home.

Sometimes, I am thinking to bring Kenet, my pet dog, in Cebu City instead. But with the very sweet and cuddly attitude of Kenet, I don’t think I could give her enough time that she is longing for from me unlike when she’s just here in our house where other member of the family can play with her and take care of her as well.

So I guess, a flowerhorn fish would be enough then.

Depressed Fishes

The past days, after the typhoon Sendong has damaged a lot of things in our place such as the electrical sources, the fishes at home has been very depressed. I didn’t take any photos of our depressed flowerhorn fishes because I am saddened seeing them. Smiley

One of the manifestations that a fish is considered depressed when its color changes from very bright dark red to pale pink colors. Another thing, which is very prominent is the decrease in size of their humpy head.

I am getting depressed also seeing them so slow moving and sad. Hopefully, they could recover so soon.

Flowerhorn Fish At Home

This is another Flowerhorn fish at home. He has a super protuberant – humpy head.

When I saw this one at home last November, I got to miss my dearest Ishy. I wish to have new pet – new fish here in my apartment, however, I am afraid again to loss one more precious pet that would surely be loved. Unlike my brother, I could not give what fishes – Flowerhorn fishes needed in terms of time and proper care because I am having a class and that the whole day, the fish was all alone left at home. This was what happened to Ishy even though how much I wanted to take real good care of her.