New Babies Are Born

When I put Ishy to her foster master, I also put my other fishes outside the apartment. I made a little pond-like stuff just beside the front door so every time I step out in the door, I could see them. I was amazed last Monday morning seeing baby fishes roaming around the pond.


I have no other words uttered, but only “wohooo!“.

I really love fishes most especially if they are showing love and development each and everyday. And now that new babies are born, I guess I need new place or area for them to keep alive and kicking. I still am thinking of purchasing new aquarium sets but I am doubtful if new aquarium sets would be the best thing to do to solve this flooding fishes in my apartment. Another, as soon as Ishy will be home, the vacant part of the shelf would be filled with Ishy’s aquarium then. Oh yeah! Our living room will be becoming lively again. But getting crowded, though.


What do you think the best thing I could do about this? Any suggestions please?

What really are Flowerhorn Fishes?

I have been talking here about Flowerhorn fishes, like, almost all of my posts mention mentions flowerhorn fishes. But I haven’t shared what really are flowerhorn fishes and why are they being cared with love by most of the fish-lovers?

Flowerhorn fishes, as it is very well-known by such name, are actually cichlids. They are ornamental fishes. Some of the distinguishing physical characteristics of flowerhorn fishes are its vivid body color and prominent heads. Their heads are named kok or ‘nuchal’ head. It grows and forms a protruding mass just above the two eyes.

Enthusiasm in breeding flowerhorn fishes date back in 1993 when a Malaysian fish lover and breeder was interested in breeding fishes having protrusions in the head. This fish was first named as Karoi. That fish was found in western nations. Cross-breeding between cichlids then followed resulting to more pronounced head protrusion and more color enhancement to resultant fish bred.

Talking about flowerhorn breeds, next post will be about the different breeds of flowerhorn fishes.

PR2 for

I think I haven’t blogged, I mean, I forgot to blog about’s page rank 1 last June 2011. Yeah! You heard that right, my fish (pet) blog has gained page rank 1 after 3 months of circulation. And now, in less than 2 months after MrG honored me with PR1, he has given me a page rank of 2 now!

This is really a very big thing to celebrate. Aside from my fishy – pet blog having PR 2 now, my foodie vegie blog is having PR 2 also after a less than 3 months of active circulation. Yay!

MrG is really good to me and to my fish, my vegie and other stuffs! Hoping these would last FOREVER! LOL!

Happy blogging guys!

GARY, The Chocolate-Loving Fish

Fishes are very picky, like me, in terms of food choices. Off course, they’re ain’t human, they’re animals, they’re fishes. LOL!

I was thinking and planning to change the diet preferences of  Ishy before I let her be adopted for a while to her foster master. However, I was hesitant to try because I am afraid that she might get ill or something if I’d do unusual to her. But now, after reading about Gary, the fish who has been fed my his master/owner with chocolates, which Gary found real yummy on that, I am heading up to my first plan now. Yay!


Gary is a chocolate-fed gourami. According to Gary’s master, he has been growing healthy with no illnesses at all. He has been fed by kit kat wafers.

This info made me think to give Ishy a try of feeding her other foodies not just merely food fishes. Hmp!