Weekend Blog Follower Caravan #1

I’ve been wanting to join this Weekend Blog Follower Caravan since before. But I couldn’t because of such hectic time. Now, since I promised myself to really give a try now, I really will.

Anyway, this week’s WBFC is on Google +1 widget installation. Thankful enough that Mommy Ruby of Pinay Mommy Online really elaborated how to do it. And I successfully installed it in all of my blogs.

Enjoy Blogging!

Missing Ishy SO MUCH!

It’s already five days that Ishy is not here with me in my apartment. And I am really missing her so much. When she was still here, I used to talk to her for almost two hours a day. I keep following her with my pointer finger every where in her aquarium she’d like to go to.

I didn’t tell M that I temporarily let Ishy be adopted by a friendly caring hand. When he came last Friday, he was very shocked seeing nothing – an empty living room in my apartment. He was asking me where Ishy is, but I still am closed mouth over this thing.

The image above was taken during our trip in Bacolod City. That wall decor image was actually a school of fish in one of the spa centers in Bacolod City. Now that Ishy is not with me, I have nothing to look at but only that wall decor picture in my desktop computer.

Fish Adoption

I have decided to look for Ishy‘s foster master even just for 1 month.

Sorry, but I cannot tell my reasons as for now why I decided to let Ishy be adopted by one of my closest friends.

I will be telling you so soon to whom I let Ishy be adopted and why I chose that specific friend of mine. Rest assured, Ishy is very fine and still alive and kicking. I am missing Ishy most! I am actually being used to talk to her every time I got home from school. She used to dance in front of me. However, things, unlikely to happen just happened.

I don’t like to talk about such things here yet. It’s not the right time, yet. I could say. Maybe soon, I can share to you all why these things are happening now.

Humpy Head Flowerhorn Fish – ISHY

I didn’t notice Ishy’s progress not until M visited me here in my apartment. He was staring at Ishy and trying to play with her and just said that Ishy’s head is getting humpier and humpier every time he comes back here.

Thence, I didn’t hesitate to take pictures of Ishy showing her bulky humpy head.

Aside from that, the scales of Ishy are getting shinier as well. The black conspicuous markings on his body when I first saw her and bought her were all gone after 2 months of rearing her kindly.

Ain’t Ishy getting flawless now? Isn’t she so sexy to look at with her pink glowing body and scales?

If you try to compare Ishy with her previous pictures last June 16, 2011, in this post – My Flowerhorn Fish – ISHY, you’ll surely can see how far she has gone getting so beauteous and sexy.

BlogThings – I am a Sea Horse

This is my very first time to join BlogThings for my FishyTalks.com. Off course, I love ocean – the waters, so I chose the watery animal topics. And here below was  my result.

You are a powerful and graceful creature. You always keep your wits about you.
>>yay! Am I? Really? A powerful and graceful one? But somehow, as many said, I am kind’a witty!

Most people consider you to be lucky. You have been especially fortunate when it comes to romance.
>>Funny but true! I love M! And I am very happy having and being with him.

You are friendly and generous. You enjoy spreading the wealth around, especially to those down on their luck.
>>Sharing is loving, isn’t it?

You are calm and persistent. If you’re faced with a problem, you know the most important thing is to not give up.
>>ALWAYS! I am exactly like this!

What about you? Can you share what sea animal creature are you? Try to check it out and share to me! Telling you, it’s fun! Enjoy blogging!