My Brother’s Flowerhorn Fish

I was really amazed when my brother, Carlo, posted few photos of his Flowerhorn fishes at home which are having a very humpy head.

The head of the two different flowerhorn fishes above are obviously big already. Even the characters in the body of the fishes are very pronounced – encircled with shining pearls.

Ah oh! So awesome to look at. I just hope my flowerhorn fishes in my apartment would be like this the soonest. Yay! I am very envious with the beautiful flowerhorn fishes of my brother.

My Aquariums at Home

I just want to share my two different aquariums at home, in my apartment, here in Cebu City.

The big aquarium at the top of the shelf measures 12 x 24 x 12 inches. I am having Cichlid (flowerhorn) fish there. While the smaller aquarium located just below the bigger one measures 12 x 14 x 10 inches. A Cichlid (flowerhorn) fish is also there.

These two aquariums were intentionally placed in the living room – facing the front door of the building welcoming gracefully any visitors. Aside from the two flowerhorn fishes I am rearing, I also have other species of fishes but I intentionally placed them outside the building.

Aquarium Lighting

One of the most important aquarium accessories that each fish breeders needs to give an eye at is the proper aquarium lighting.

Fishes are easily getting stressed when at a dark area. Aside from stresses, its coloration changes poorly. Even the growth of fishes are very stunted and their activities are very minimal. Generally, with low, insufficient or improper lighting, fishes are getting weak.

There are a lot of lighting designs available suited to any aquariums at home. For instant, at home, my brother chose the contemporary lighting design for his aquarium fishes. He made it looking like almost the same style, design and color to the aquariums wall paper. Each of his aquarium do has one lighting unit.

In my apartment, I haven’t set-up the lighting accessories for my 2 aquariums. I am still looking for designs that are very awesome to look at and fitted to my Cichlid (Flowerhorn) and other fishes. But I still do not worry much of the lighting since I placed my 2 aquariums in the living room and we just turn the lights on always in the living room even during night time.

Fishy Blog Make Over

Yay! I’ve finally made my Fishy Talks: Talking Fishy Talks blog a very fishy blog make over by Mommy Kaye of WAHMaholic Designs!

Fishy Talks

Mommy Kaye has perfectly designed what I’ve been wanting to have for my fishy pet blog. I chose the blue watery hue so for my fishy pet blog to be looking like in an aquarium with bubbles and fishes in the header.

Thanks so much Mommy Kaye for the great make over!