Choosing the Best Home Aquariums

There are a number of types of home aquariums that one can choose from.

Freshwater Tropical Aquariums. This is the most common aquarium at home where in it usually has a room temperature. It’s the easiest aquarium to maintain and best for beginners. Aquarium equipments for these kind of aquarium are cheaper and easy to keep as well as the tropical fishes are less expensive too.

Coldwater Aquariums. The temperature of these aquariums are lower than the room temperature. As its name implies, should have a water that is cold. Though cold water aquarium fishes are yet more expensive than freshwater fishes and having lesser life span, cold environment can somehow lengthen their life span.

Marine Aquariums. Marine aquariums require salt water as to the fishes reared on it. Marine fishes are undeniably much colorful and beautiful compared to other aquarium fishes. But maintaining a marine fishes in a marine aquarium are usually done by advance aquarium expertise because of the sensitivity of the marine corals.

Brackish Aquariums. These aquariums consist of a saltwater and a freshwater. This is the most difficult aquarium environment to maintain. People choosing the kind of aquarium usually do not succeed in keeping and having the aquarium.

Girls Talk: Dying to Learn

Oh! My bad that I missed the Girls Talk last week. So this time, I shouldn’t be!

Anyway, this week’s GT is kind’a fitted to my latest aim, to learn the techie things of I am dying to learn

This blog, is my fourth blog and I decided to open this here in wordpress. Honestly, I am still a very newbie wordpress blogger because I am used to the blogspot platform and other techie things of it. Guys, pardon me having all the mess here yet.

Hopefully, I can make the goodies here the soon. As of now, I am asking ideas and comments from you on how to make this blog and my wordpress journey the easiest way.

Happy Thursday Girls!!!

PROJECT Pet Blogroll

As what blogging also is, sharing links, ideas and more, I am looking for PET BLOGS not just a FISH Blog but any pet or animal-related blogs to join with my PROJECT Pet Blogroll here.

Anybody willing to join, kindly fill in the form below. For those who are having multiple blogs/websites, just fill in the form a multiple times also. For those who’d want to join my project but are having NO pet blog, still, you can fill in the form but kindly indicate the topic/niche which your blog belongs to. Thank You!

Fishes at Home

Currently, we have a number of fishes reared by my brother, Carlo, at home. The fishes range from the smallest Sword-tail fishes to the biggest Flowerhorn fishes. There are also Koi fishes or the Karps, Goldfishes, Tetras, Parrot fishes, Fighting fishes and more.

In fact, I have already featured in one of my blog posts in my personal blog, one of the flowerhorn fishes of my brother which has a very attractive pearl linings surrounding the black-colored characters in the body of the flowerhorn fish.

Yeah! All of the above mentioned fishes are all healthily diving and kicking in our mini ponds and aquariums at home.

Freshwater Aquarium Fishes

There are a lot of freshwater aquarium fishes to choose from to rear at home.

Some of which are as follows:

  1. Bichirs and Reedfishes
  2. Armored catfishes like Aspidoras, Brochis, Callichthys, and CorydorasAirbreathing catfishes
  3. Banjo catfishes
  4. Talking catfishes
  5. Squeakers and upside-down catfishes
  6. Shark catfishes
  7. Sea catfishes
  8. Sheatfish
  9. Bagrid catfish
  10. Long-whiskered catfish
  11. Tetras
  12. Hatchet Fishes
  13. Pencil Fishes
  14. Headstanders

Expect more list of Freshwater Aquarium Fishes in my upcoming posts.