Reusing Old Musical Drums as Fish Ponds

As shared previously, we are reusing old tires as fish ponds. And now, I am thinking of reusing old musical drums as fish ponds since I have seen several old drums thrown near our yard. I have not checked on them if they are good to be used as it is but I am sure, those can be reused to other forms.

I have seen an old orange county drum and percussion set. It is still looking good but I just can’t figure out why it was thrown out.

Reusing Old Musical Drums as Fish PondsImage from

But of course, before I’ll pick those up to reuse, I need to make sure that those will really thrown as unusable one. I’ll make updates as soon as I can progress with this plan.

Appeal for protection of Thresher Sharks

Thresher Sharks in the Philippines are most commonly spotted in Monad Shoal specifically near the Malapascua Island. These sharks provide not just diversity to the Philippine ecology but also more tourist invites to experience the beauty of shark diving in the country.

Thresher SharkImage from

However, recently, many conservationists are now appealing for protection of these Thresher Sharks in the area due to the danger in its possible extinction. We just so hope that this appeal will become into reality.

Fish-designed Musical Instruments

My little one just loved fishes, be it those real animals or the stuffed toys. Now that he’s learning to love music and playing with musical instruments as well, he used to ask me to buy him fish-designed musical instruments.

Fish-designed Musical Instruments

Image from

I personally went to toy stores and look for one but I found it difficult to catch one since accordingly, it is really rare to have fish-designed musical instrument toys. One of my friends suggested to sport for one online but what I found are Band Instruments by musiciansfriend. How I wish I can have my little big boss these kind of instruments, not now, but maybe in the future as for now, considering his age, having him the real big costly musical instruments is not a good idea yet.

If you guys have an information where can I have these fish-designed musical instruments, please advise for me to be able to check on them as soon as I can.

Stones and Pebbles for Aquariums

Stones and pebbles are used to decorate aquariums. These are of different colors, sizes and shapes. Aside from the beauty they provide on the aquarium’s environment, they also give perfect hue that is conducive for living.

Stones and Pebbles for Aquariums

I actually just recently added white pebbles to my simple garden pond from recycled tires.  Those are just given to me by my aunt since their aquarium fishes died, the reasons I did not asked anymore. Knowing that then, I made sure to disinfect the pebbles before using them. I first washed those with soap and water added with chlorine and zonrox. Then I dried them under the heat of the sun for a day. And a day after, a washed those again with water and soap, dried under the heat of the sun and put them all in our simple garden pond from recycled tires.

Simple Garden Pond from Recycled Tires

When we moved here in our new simple place, there’s an old really huge tire. I was at first hesitant to what would be the best thing to do for this. I first thought of throwing this or letting the garbage men pick this up. But a friendly neighbor of ours here suggested to reuse and recycle this tire as a small pond.

What a great idea that was. So here below it is.

Simple Garden Pond from Recycled TiresThe image above is the huge tire with water and fishes on it. I also placed the potted bamboo plants inside the tire so to add beauty on it.

Simple Garden Pond from Recycled Tires

Look here’s my little one feeding the fishes. He actually do this every first hour of the morning.