Halloween Party for Pets 2014

Our pets also deserve a party this Halloween 2014. Should we dress them with party dresses also or any costumes.

Halloween Party for Pets 2014

Seen the image above? Well, that’s just an example of how our pets should look like. But since I got no pet here at home, I will just have the Halloween party of my own with our soon-to-have entertainment stuff like that in musician friends.

How I wish I have pets to join the Halloween Party for Pets 2014 in the mall. Or maybe, just next year then.

Relax With Pets at Home

After the celebration of the World Animals Day on October 4, 2014, I thought of setting up some cool yet very relaxing sound system playing continuously beside the aquarium set at home, However, to my disappointment, I forgot I have had no aquarium set yet here. I opted to that because my little son is yet too little, a toddler to be exact, to understand why and how pets at home should be reared.


But what I am thinking now is still to have my sound system, a karaoke system and of course a high-quality microphone like sm58s for my singing sessions at home. But I am not really sure if I could get one then.

Jeweler Fishes

Nothing would even be more luxurious than the aquarium set we saw with my colleagues in a hotel lounge wherein real gold jewelries were used as decorative of the said aquarium. Accordingly, the owner of the hotel really cherished those jewelries she had that she did not want those to be out of her sight so she decided to have them used as aquarium decorations instead because the hotel owner is also working as a higher staff of the said hotel and used to stroll inside the hotel every day.


Moreover, those jewelries are really good looking, same as thru as those we can find at www.joyjewelers.com. How I wish I could set up my own aquarium with that extravagant stuff also.


Emergency Vet

It’s never to see our pets like dogs and cats suffer from difficulty of breathing acutely then and we can’t think of any even better things to do due to panic and nervousness. But of course, as their higher minds — what we can do to our pets is just simply contacting an emergency vet.

Emergency Vet

Emergency vet, moreover, are like emergency human doctors who can, by and by, attend to our every pets’ needs. For instance, if our pets showed difficulty of breathing — like we can hear then grunting, a sign of low oxygen in the body because as just a few minutes without oxygen is fatal for a dog or to any pets, the emergency vets can provide apparatus to assist the comfort in breathing of our pets by providing oxygen then. I am not honestly familiar with the names of those apparatus they used but I have seen, one time, how those vets work in emergency cases of those pets especially dogs and cats.

Furthermore, emergency vets are just around the corner and they can be contacted anytime. Of course, in every places, emergency vets have different contact details to look for, so I guess, to every pet lovers, it is better to have your emergency vets contact information at your lists then.

Pet Costume Party

It’s always a pleasure for me to get invited to any pet costume parties. Of course, as the invitation says, it would all be about pets. But I am also saddened since my pet Kenet is not around and I am not aloud to have one fluffy pet here since it’s not advisable for an environment with a growing infant.

Moreover, how I wish I could attend the said pet costume party and sure to enjoy the party then although, accordingly, it would just be a backyard party utilizing those lowest priced stuff from the sound and music facilities to the tables, chairs and everything else. But sure thing, that would be a great pet costume party then.